The concept of  a new high tension fabric, produced from high tenacity Polypropylene Multifilament yarns, and these yarns being Ultra Violet and Fire Retardant, was first mooted some 16 years ago in South Africa.

Twelve years later in 2012, these yarns were finally developed, where after the technology and commitment to produce a very special fabric from these yarns followed immediately. Thus was born the first DYNATEX MF 290 HT type fabric. At present, these yarns are successfully manufactured exclusively in South Africa.

DYNATEX MF 290 HT is a unique fabric, because it is produced from yarns that exhibit high tenacity, low elongation properties from yarns that are Fire Retardant, UV Resistant, yarns that are completely inert, highly resistant to alkali and acids, yarns that are digitally printable upon, and can be hot extrusion coated or laminated on, without any pre-treatment or post-treatment requirements.

DYNATEX MF 290 HT was conceived, developed and produced in South Africa, and at present manufactured exclusively in South Africa – thus can really be called a “Proudly South Africa” product!

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