Tensile Membrane Wind Rated Structures

In Demand Trading (Pty) Ltd is the center of a connected product development system that enables you to purchase great products with professional grade engineering solutions.

With 25 years experience in the Tensile Membrane Industry they have successfully designed, fabricated and installed their structures in over 37 countries around the world. The structures comply with local and international wind load standards.

In Demand Trading (Pty) Ltd specialises in Tensile Membrane Structures predominantly for the hospitality and leisure industries. They have an extensive database of Standard Tensile Membrane Structure to offer. For clients looking for more innovative custom design structure that are site specific, they can design, engineer, manufacture and install a custom tensile structures suited to your needs.

The structures we offer are divided into five main categories:
~ Standard Tensile Membrane Structures – Structures we have made historically and can be quickly produced
~ Custom Tensile Membrane Structures – Structures design for a specific site
~ Sail Tensile Membrane Structures – Structures that take the shape of a ships sail
~ Thermoflex Membrane Structures – Structures made from our exclusive Dynatex S650 waterproof stretch membrane
~ Rampant Arch Structures – Structure typically attached to the building along one edge and supported on column along the other edge

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