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Mine Support Grout Packs

Dynamic Technical Textiles manufactures a comprehensive range of reinforced grout pack casings for use in underground mine support.

These state of the art support packs are designed and manufactured from specifically designed high strength synthetic yarns, and geosynthetic fabrics, which allow for the migration of a specific size tailing particle, to pass through the geosynthetic. This allows for the rapid development of a reverse filter, at the internal interface of the geosynthetic.

In use, the geosynthetic grout pack is pumped full with a cemented, hardening grout, forming a rigid mine support pack. The packs are externally reinforced, with sets of strategically placed, and specialized high strength, geosynthetic webbing, which provide the packs with a very high compressive strength.

Standard pack sizes range from 550 mm to 1400 mm in diameter and up to 2000 mm high. The load bearing capacities of the largest packs are in excess of 6500 kN, depending on the pack configuration and the strength of the grout used.

Dynamic Technical Textiles are currently designing and testing the combination of “ stand alone” support packs, with cement free grouts.

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